Why does my coffee taste burnt?

What an intriguing question Actually, the solution is very straightforward—it never should!
Over half a billion Americans enjoy coffee every day, which is a wonderful and delightful
experience! We’re sure that everybody has tasted a brew that was burnt, sour, or bitter, but
it doesn’t have to ruin your day.
You might not be happy with how your cup of coffee tastes, even if you have the best coffee
machine. Some coffee machines produce a burnt or bitter taste that makes it difficult for even
the most ardent coffee drinker to finish their cup. As long as the issue isn’t with the coffee

beans themselves, these issues can frequently be resolved with a quick adjustment and re-

The following are the top 3 mistakes that baristas make when it comes to burnt coffee:

  1. Let’s touch on a bit of technicality. A commercial espresso machine operates by pumping
    steam or nearly boiling water through tightly packed coffee grounds in a portafilter or group
    handle basket. Over-brewing happens when the water does not move through the coffee
    quickly enough (over-extraction). There are only three possible explanations for this: either
    the barista packed too much coffee into the basket, the coffee was ground too finely, or the
    barrister tamped the coffee too firmly, preventing water from passing through the grounds.
  2. The group head, which is where the portafilter is locked into the machine, is extremely hot.
    The coffee in the basket will burn if the portafilter is left there for too long before the coffee
    is brewed, which makes the coffee taste bad; and
  3. The biggest offender—and one that is so simple to avoid—is a dirty, poorly maintained
    espresso machine. When the equipment they use is not cleaned regularly, even the best
    baristas have no chance of producing anything even remotely decent and consistent. Mineral
    build-up and coffee oils from your coffee machine’s hot water can eventually clog the water
    reservoir and other internal components. Clean your coffee equipment frequently to prevent
    bitter or burned flavours.

That’s the verdict!
Understanding the science behind the extraction of both great and below-average coffee
helps you to understand why some baristas have cult-like followings. These baristas can make
the perfect espresso by repeatedly extracting the ideal coffee, as well as the base for your
preferred coffee, which you can sip while on the go or unwinding on a park bench.
Any roast profile you choose should result in a cup of coffee that is flavourful and smooth,
never leaving you with a bitter aftertaste. If you would like more information regarding any
of the above issues, feel free to contact our Barista “know-it-alls” at info@cafelier.eu or
support@cafelier.eu. See our product descriptions on our website for more information on
detailed cleaning processes and how to incorporate our Cafelier into your espresso machinecleaning process, or contact sales@cafelier.eu. With a Cafelier in hand, we guarantee you’ll
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